Expert Installation

Our Commitment to YOUR company, as our CUSTOMER, sounds strong! It is...

We treat YOUR business as if it were OUR business. Respecting your time, assets, schedule, employees, and other contractors on the job. We have been in your shoes, we understand.

CenTech Automation is all about leveraging our experience to keep you up and running.

In today’s market you need other professionals from time to time, to help bring projects to completion. You need people on your team with experience. If you are going to compete, you need companies whose mission aligns with your mission. Let CenTech Automation be a player on your team. We’ve seen big installations. Heck, we’ve done big installations. We know what makes them work and makes them break.

When CenTech shows up to START your job, we show up with everything that we need to FINISH your installation. It costs money when you’re down and we get it. We make your schedule our priority. We may not be the least expensive supplier you choose, but we have invested BIG in what we do, with both talent, tools, and equipment. We do this, in order to do what we do at the highest level of professionalism we can, thus providing to your company a project that you and your investors will be proud of. Quality work, requires quality people, tools, and equipment…we have it.

You want someone on your team who knows about the work that you do, talks with you about what you need, shows up ready, and gets it done.

We provide the very best solutions to fit your needs, from conception to installing new equipment. We work with you throughout the processes of installing the new equipment or an entire system and partner with you to handle all of the tasks necessary in bringing your new equipment online.

Not only will we help you determine the right dust collection, compressed air, or grinding design, but we also help you with shop layout, work flow, and ancillary issues. Most importantly, we work around your schedule and needs. The sooner we get you back online, the happier you are going to be with our work. AND the faster you get back to doing what you do…MAKING MONEY.  

These are just a few of the things that make CenTech Automation the kind of company we hope you will want to partner with. Give us a call and let us show you a different kind of automation company.

The CenTech Foundation


We provide many years of combined experience managing, owning, and operating successful manufacturing businesses just like yours. Our experience and expertise gives us unique insight into the challenges that you face every day.

Problem Solving

We are trained and self-taught program operators and designers. We empower you to solve your real-world problems in dust collection and compressed air needs. You really don’t have typical problems. We get it. You need the right solution


Dust Collection:  You need integrated dust collection to make your production line work. We help customers get the right installation the FIRST time.

Compressed Air:  Compressed Air is the most expensive thing a production facility produces. Why waste money on inefficient compressors and air lines? Let’s get it right, saving valuable resources, quick payback, converting wasted energy back into profit.

Grinders:  When you make things happen, there is going to be waste, plain and simple. We offer a solid, robust solution that just keeps on working…just like you do. Handle it ONE TIME, and FORGET IT. WE agree, NO down time is the best kind of time in a production facility.

Design and Consulting: We offer experienced CAD design and installation services. You see what is being proposed, BEFORE, you decide to proceed. We use solid equipment to assist us in doing your work right the first time. We can help, in updating your systems to today’s expectations of operating a solid, efficient production facility.