Disa Dust Collector

Disa Dust Collector

$139,000 +Tax and Freight

Available quantity: 1

Garrison, TX

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DISA 8+1 HJLR Description

  • System Expandable to 100,000 CFM 
  • 30,000 CFM @ 4.69:1 Air-To-Cloth Ratio 6,400 Sq. Ft. 
  • Cloth area from (400) XT-3 Polyester Patented Superbags 
  • (8) Modules + 1 inlet configuration 
  • (8) Explosion/Access doors 
  • Two Zones at 15,000 CFM Each 
  • (2) 75 HP Backward inclined Material Handling Fans with independent starters, capable of 15,000 CFM each 
  • Rotary Air-lock discharge to transfer fan to closed loop transfer system 
  • Low Profile Steel Support Structure 
  • Flamex Spark Detection System Installed New in 2002.

Once we finish with it:

  • All sheet metal will be near “no-rust” condition
  • Drag Chain, chain bearings and all guides either tested good or replaced new
  • All motors will be started up and verified operational
  • Control panel will be fully operational
  • Regen Fans for Bag Cleaning, will be operational
  • Includes single zone transfer fan and control, no diverter for second zone, or ducting
  • Includes used, washed bags. Price will have option for new bags
  • All limit switches fully operational.
  • Includes Flamex Spark Detection


Does not include:

  • Transfer, in house, or fan to filter ducting
  • CARZ Valves
  • Abort Gates
  • Catwalk structure for access to filters