Donaldson Torit Rotary Air Lock

Donaldson Torit Rotary Air Lock

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Reducer on air lock on top ID 24 – 3/8 with reducer OD is 27 – 3/8

Bottom ID is 19 - 7/8. OD is 23 – 1/8

The Donaldson Torit Rotary Air Lock is an economical solution for automated handling of most discharge dust. Rugged one-piece design features a double wiper rotor for a precise seal in low air pressure applications.

A Donaldson Torit rotary valve allows complete automation of a dust collection system from start to finish, continuously depositing dust from the collector to the end-of-the-line material handling system.

A precise seal eliminates dust build-up in the hopper and prevents air from entering the hopper discharge, which can seriously compromise filter life and impede the collector performance.

Rotor blade and stationary housings are designed to very high tolerances for reliable, high quality performance and air seal integrity.

A proprietary straight line throat design allows a smaller Donaldson Torit valve to do the job of other manufacturers’ larger valves, which can reduce the cost of dust disposal.

Top flange diameter is 27-3/8"

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